VizRT Projects

Since February 2017 I am a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

I started in 2011 working as a freelancer for Medialaan news department, I work on the graphics system (VizRT) for the 3 daily news broadcasts (VTM Nieuws), but also on many different other broadcasts they produce: Telefacts, Kanaal Z, Royalty, Election Shows ... I specialize in producing complex templates for lower thirds, full screen graphics and studio graphics in a way that they are easy to use on a daily basis by the other graphic artists. I've played an important role in the numerous restyling projects over the years.

In 2012 I joined the graphic department of the VRT News as a freelancer, to help out with the restyling of the 4 daily news broadcasts (Het Journaal). Since then I've helped out with several restyling for their different tv-shows (Ter Zake, De vrije Markt, De Afspraak, Rio 2016, Het Weer, ...), all in the VizRT software.

As short overview of the projects I worked on throughout the years:

  • VRT: Het Journaal Restyling 2021
  • VRT: USA Elections 2020
  • VRT: Sportweekend Restyling 2020
  • VRT: Het Journaal Restyling 2020
  • VTM: VTM Nieuws Restyling 2020
  • VTM: Verkiezinen 2019
  • VRT: De Markt Restyling 2018
  • VRT: Het Journaal Restyling 2018
  • VRT: Het Weer 2017
  • VRT: Studio Rio 2016
  • VRT: Het Journaal Restyling 2016
  • Videohouse/Telenet: Play Sports 2015
  • VTM: Verkiezingen 2014
  • VRT: Alleen Elvis 2013, 2014, 2015
  • VTM: Telefacts Set 2013
  • VTM: Royalty Set 2013
  • VTM: VTM Nieuws Restyling 2013
  • VRT: Het Journaal Restyling 2013