Interactive Projects

Qmusic Visual Radio 2015
In 2015 Qmusic's TV channel was rebuild from the ground up. New design, but also all new technology. Based around Caspar CG and Just Macros, a whole new experience was created: Videoclips, enriched API, Kinect based face tracking and social media are a few of the many features added. I'm responsible for the Just Macros part that handles connecting all the different hard- and software components and makes decisions about what camera and graphic to show when.

Q-Music Visual Radio 2012
Q-Music launched their own TV channel in 2012, growing beyond a simple web stream. Automatic camera cutting based on sound, news and weather, song information and more were added to enricht the radio flow. I translated the graphics to an interactive whole with Tools On Air Just:Play and Quartz Composer. Over the years many more things were added, like and interactive voting system and social media.

Cre8ion for Azoomi 2010
Based on years of experience, in 2010 Cre8ion was developed. I managed the project and co-designed the software to be easier to use for customers, but at the same time have more features and possibilities for future expansions.
Managed and co-designed by Tim Bemindt. Modeling and Animations by various artists

V-Stage for Nazooka / Anygma 2005-20009
V-Stage is a real-time character animation package used for broadcast and events. Between 2005 and 2009 I managed dozens of projects for clients around the world. Most of clients were TV channels or production studios like BBC, Orange Sport Poland and Fox Turkey. For this in-house software I worked together with artists, developers and sales with the aim to create satisfied customers.
Projects managed by Tim Bemindt. Modeling and Animations by various artists

Virtual Interactive House for Niko (Nazooka) 2007
Light-swith and domotica manufacturer Niko wanted a Virtual House to demonstrate the usage of their technologies. The videos composited out of blue-key recordings and 3D renderings were put on a website where visitors could use switches and control panels to tun on/off lights, open the gate, answer the video doorbell etc.
Project managed by Tim Bemindt. Modeling and Animations by Tim Bemindt and Melvin Mukrab. Compositing and Editing by Tim Bemindt

Virtual island in Second Life for Microsoft (Nazooka) 2007
For the 2007 edition of the Imagine Cup, all finalists presented their project through a video or slide-show on virtual interactive billboards throughout the island. It also featured a performing stage where on June 28 a live performance was given on the opening party.
For pictures you can check this blog.
Designed Managed and Co-created by Tim Bemindt

Park and Island in Second Life for Humo (Nazooka) 2007
The weekly magazine Humo wanted a park in Second Life followed by a complete island filed with interaction based on it's humorous cartoons and characters. There were games to play that gave visitors a chance to compete for the highest scores.
Managed and Co-created by Tim Bemindt

Bottle Island for Eristoff (Nazooka) 2007
For an add campaign Eristoff wanted a simple but large presence in Second Life.
It was mentioned in their fictive CEO blog
Designed and Created by Tim Bemindt