Taxameter Controle 2011

Low-budget movie about the procedure to check the documents in Belgian taxi's. This video was to be played in loop on a fair, so it had to be short and without sound, but still communicate the message.
Concept and Creation by Tim Bemindt.

Pardoes Trailer 2008

Pilot/Trailer for a TV series for the dutch theme-park Efteling (Anygma). In the end, the series itself was not made.
Unfortunatly I'm not allowed to publish the movie.
Directed and Additional Backgrounds, Modeling and Compositing by Tim Bemindt.

Studio 54 2007
Low-budget Videoclip for the Dutch teen band Ch!pz (Nazooka)
Project Management, 3D Background Creation, Additional Animation and Compositing by Tim Bemindt.

To France 2006
Low-budget Videoclip for The Highstreet Allstars (Nazooka)
Directed and compositing by Tim Bemindt. Edited by Tim Bemindt and Benjamin Vos. Modeled and animated by Tim Bemindt, Melvin Mukrab, Nicolas Sainderichin and Ralitsa Boneva

McDonalds Crazy DJ 2006
Video clip / Commercial for McDonalds (Nazooka)
Edited and additional backgrounds and animations by Tim Bemindt.

Sebastian 2005
Young Sebastian goes against the dreams of his parents.
Directed and animated by Tim Bemindt

Portfolio 2005
My portfolio in 2005 containing the animation work I did as a student.
Directed and animated by Tim Bemindt