Art + Technology

Welcome to the website of Cq Creations, the one man company of Tim Bemindt.

On this website you will find some information about me and about my work during the past several years.

In 2005 I received my master's degree in Animation at Sint Lukas Brussels. During my university years I worked on several short 3D animations, but also collaborated with students of the film department for SFX in their movies and with students of the architecture department for 3D visualization of their work.

After graduating I worked on numerous projects. I was the project manager of dozens of real-time character animation projects, where I closely worked together with both artists and software developers, having experience in both fields. It also gave me the opportunity to work in TV studios around the world on various shows, ranging from dating shows to live talk-shows

These real-time 3D techniques were also used in several interactive websites, which I co-developed, in both design and coding.

In the meantime I directed a pilot for a 3D animated TV show and a music video, but also worked as an artist on several more.

I also worked on special effects: integrating computer generated images with filmed ones, both for feature film and TV productions in several projects.

Since 2011 I've been specializing in broadcast graphic production, mostly in VizRT software. As a freelance technical artist I work mostly on projects in their setup phase, making the day to day workload as low as possible for the users at the TV stations.

Early 2017 I passed the VizRT organized exam to become a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.